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The Main Industries In Need Of Embedded Engineers

The Main Industries In Need Of Embedded Engineers

The adoption of cutting-edge technology is an escalating trend that Industries are following to evolve their productivity, device management, and customer satisfaction.  Embedded Engineers are already a necessity within industry markets as one of the leading, in-demand professions.  There is a multitude of Industries that require Embedded Engineers to manage specific Application and System development, this is why it is useful to know the needs of industries to navigate which markets fit within the context of your skills as an Embedded Engineer.


The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is inhabiting the healthcare industry at a prosperous rate, an expected growth of 39% by 2025.  Drivers in this trend have not only stemmed from the need for increased efficiency in the advent of the pandemic but an overall evolution in quality healthcare requiring improved device Applications. The healthcare industry is already notable in the adoption of Embedded Systems for in-hospital Application monitoring, scanning, and record management.  By continuously building healthcare Solutions to create more natural user interfaces, medical professionals can be quicker at diagnosing and treating patients. In terms of markets, Embedded Engineers are in need for OEM device manufacturing production, device Application management/testing, and security.


Perhaps one of the most in-demand Industries for embedded engineers to date.  The automotive space is consistently experiencing innovation toward an increase in electronic systems within vehicle operation.  Each individual automotive vehicle possesses multiple Electric Control Units (ECU) and Microcontroller ecosystems.  Here, constant momentum is crucial to develop products and Solutions that seek to optimise in-vehicle and off-vehicle versatility, safety, and control.   The most common embedded systems solutions involve – airbag and safety control, braking systems, climate control, navigation systems, and entertainment systems, etc.  All of which require integration of wireless and hardware Solutions.  Opportunities for Embedded Engineers lie within OEM, Software development/testing and sensor management.

Industrial Manufacturing

In the age of digitisation, manufacturing industries have progressed toward automated integration to assist performance, scalability, low-cost development, and productivity.  Moving toward Industry 4.0.  the manufacturing setting has facilitated the ever-present development of embedded systems.  Built to perform specific Application tasks such as equipment networking, machine control/monitoring, and temperature/energy assistance.  New frameworks are consistently being developed that allow the optimal functioning of embedded systems to leverage real-time tracking (RTOS) and machine learning. The current transforming nature of the manufacturing space to achieve full-automation is a market Embedded Engineers are needed to integrate principle systems.


Aerospace is an Industry landmark for the acquisition of Embedded Engineers.  The technologies within an aircraft are continuously being tested, built, and developed to reach optimal performance reliability, safety, and predictability.  For this, the aerospace industry is consistently in demand for state of the art solutions in an integrated environment to achieve automation and a comfortable customer experience.  Developments that pave the way in this Industry include Avionics – DO-297, DO-178 frameworks, multiple coding languages, and Flight Management Systems.


The SMART home market is set to grow from 78.3 billion in 2020 to 153.3 billion by 2025.  Customers growing implementation of  SMART devices in the home – Televisions, Energy, Thermostats- and internet development is accelerating device integration.  As the home network moves towards connectivity, Mesh Networks are becoming prevalent to assist device efficiency and management.

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