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Pelion Breaks Away From Arm As An Independent Company

Pelion Breaks Away From Arm As An Independent Company

Last Week Pelion announced it’s breaking away from Arm as an independent company, after being coined back in 2018 as an incubation unit within the computing technology firm.

Arm Pelion Platform operated within Arm as a device and data management stack to assist innovative development of IoT Solutions and build new business models.

Now as a subsidiary, Pelion is set to help businesses navigate the complex IoT landscape.  Enabling companies to scale and connect devices seamlessly irrespective of OS, Network, and Application provider.

Pelion is eager to progress their part further as a key driver within IoT Innovation.  Autonomously, their technology will become even more accessible, to more people and in more places.

Already acquiring established expertise and vendor partnerships from multiple areas of the landscape, Pelion has the tools to effortlessly assist businesses toward seamless management and connectivity in the deployment of secure and scalable Solutions.

CEO at Pelion, Hima Mukkamala stated:

“With key trends like 5G and edge AI  enabling distributed intelligence,  Pelion is entering its next phase of growth as a more agile, focused  organization primed to help our customers to realize the transformative potential of the  IoT.”

What does this mean for IoT Innovation?

As an independent Platform, Pelion pledges to simplify IoT connectivity as we enter heightened propagation and transformation within the IoT ecosystem.  The Pelion Platform will create enhanced visibility for business operations through its ‘One-Stop’ Platform.

Key deployments through the Pelion Platform include:

  • Seamless Connectivity despite network diversity
  • Effective Management Regardless of device diversity
  • Comprehensive Application enablement at the edge
  • Service and Expertise that already enable over 500 organisations


The Pelion Service as a standalone is on-trend to magnify IoT deployment in a wealth of industries.  Supporting legacy and non-IP devices to be connected with ease, firmware ad security patches to be delivered at reduced costs, and device health and vulnerabilities to be effortlessly traced in real-time.

It will be interesting to see how Pelion evolves as an independent company.  Set to transform IoT, the enhanced offering Pelion will provide customers with lifetime Solutions for IoT device connectivity and management.