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The IoT Podcast Monthly Highlights

Last month was a big one for The IoT Podcast! The podcast was winding off season one in August, and…

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Life at Paratus – Our August Highlights

Welcome to our monthly highlights blog! Every month this blog is the place to be for your life at Paratus…

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RDK Leadership Update 2021 – Key News

May 4th, 2021 marked the latest update in the RDK world as the RDK Leadership Update went underway. Not only…

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Multicast ABR – Live streaming is becoming clearer…

In video tech, there is a term that gets thrown around often amongst the throws of industry jargon that I,…

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The Move to All IP – Shifting from Satellite and Cable to IPTV

As the video industry evolves, the world is under pressure to keep up. Television is changing and starting to move…

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Paramount+ to replace CBS All Access

ViacomCBS has released their full slate of originals to be added to their new streaming service, Paramount+. The service will…

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How Can IoT Be Applied In The Oil And Gas Industry?

IoT has served and revolutionised the transformation of traditionally non-digital industries, reformulating business models and supporting the development of new…

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Are ‘Smart Motorways’ Really that ‘Smart’?

Technology has deployed groundbreaking solutions to a multitude of cases and industries. In line with Smarter Cars, a developing strand…

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