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IoT Wireless Protocols:

One of our key areas is focused in IoT Wireless and Connectivity Protocols

There exists an almost bewildering choice of connectivity options for electronics engineers and application developers working on products and systems for the Internet of Things (IoT). Many communication technologies are well known such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and 2G/3G/4G cellular, but there are also several new emerging networking options.

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IOT Practice Areas

Typical technologies we are regularly asked to deliver for our clients include but are not limited to:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • Z-wave
  • Zigbee
  • Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT)
  • 2G/3G/4G/5G (LTE-M)
  • Long range Wide-Area Networks (LoRaWan)
  • Sigfox or GSM
Smart Areas

Smart Areas:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart People
  • Smart Living
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart and Connected Communities
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Home
  • Smart TV
  • Environment and Urban Monitoring
  • Deployments for Smart Cities
  • Smart Water System
  • Smart University and Smart Education
  • Smart Emergency Management
  • Smart Manufacturing and Logistics
Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux

Our founder has a background in Embedded Linux having studied the subject at University. Over the years this has been ingrained into an area we specialise in and work with many clients across Europe providing niche resources on both a Contract and Permanent basis to the international Linux community.

We focus on CE and CPE devices within the wider IoT world.

The typical people we place in this focus around the following disciplines:

  • Embedded Linux
  • Porting Specialists
  • Bootloader Engineer
  • Kernel Hacking and Internals
  • Driver Development
  • Secure Data Paths
  • SoC Security
  • Classic C Programming
  • C++ 14/17 Application Layer
  • GNU Toolchains
  • Memory Profiling and Software Performance

The Linux community is a friendly and warm group of Engineers who traditionally are less than enamoured by ‘Recruiters’ not understanding what it is they do, and why they do it. We like to think we actually do, with many of our Contractors directly contributing commits as a Linux Maintainer to  We also answer requests from the Linux Foundation and work with many Open Source companies, which are part of the community.

IOT Devices

IoT Devices

In the past few years we have worked on a variety of IoT Devices from Smart Meters, Electric Powered mobility devices and Medical technology.

There is an overwhelming and staggering amount of ‘things’ connected to the internet these days, with analysts predicting that every electronic device will one day be connected to the internet in one form or another.

We are truly one of the first talent businesses in the world purely to specialise in device lead staffing, focusing our efforts with companies from start-up to multinational companies, as you can see from our partners page.

One of our specialist areas in IoT is the Security element, secure by design – often an overlooked and undernourished area in the race to market. We’ve a formidable database of the finest talent in this field across the world.

Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices

The heart of our business has been centred around Embedded Devices. Consumer Electronics (CE) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

For many years we have worked with Embedded Engineers, Integrators and QA professionals who have developed, maintained and tested many ‘things’

Paratus was founded on an incredible backbone in the Set-Top Box Industry (STB) and as such there was a natural progression into IoT, because after all you can’t get much more connected than a STB with millions of subs!

Our strengths are in Engineering from bare metal development to programme and portfolio management of complex work streams across multiple countries.

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