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How IoT Will Help Accelerate Your Business In 2021

How IoT will help accelerate your business in 2021

The year of 2020 has shifted business ecosystems in all corners of the globe with the advancements of cellular technology and Wi-Fi- onto 5G and Wi-Fi 6E running alongside the pandemic- the internet of things is playing an increasingly significant position in deploying high-speed, continuous and secure connectivity for customers and workforces alike.  The decision to deploy IoT solutions into your business chain is one which many businesses are facing right now or will face in the near future. As IoT shows no signs of slowing down, remaining aware of how businesses- startup and multinational- are generating successful IoT infrastructures and what innovations lie ahead is vital to survive in an ever more competitive environment.

So, why should your business take advantage of IoT Solutions right now?

Optimisation of Business Operations

Perhaps the key factor in deploying IoT solutions into your business is optimisation of operations. It is no question that IoT is changing the world as we know it, whether that be in technological advancement or sustainability, there is a clear trend that those businesses that have implemented IoT into their infrastructure reap the benefits in the working of their ecosystem and customer experience regardless of the industry.  Over 80% of industrial and 90% of retail companies have or are planning to deploy IoT solutions into their business model.  There is no doubt IoT is key to innovation as new business models emerge, new competitive environments are opened up that deliver quality end customer experience and long-term profitable solutions.

Monitor Largescale Data

Thanks to the integration of Cloud Networking- Azure, AWS- and edge computing intelligence IoT creates opportunities for businesses to identify patterns of behavior that would have previously been looked over.  Allowing businesses to track, record, and review analytics/data streams that deliver valuable insights into customer behavior.  For this, the deployment of IoT solutions to monitor business systems creates a valuable ROI that keeps businesses automatically updated on their customer activity and experience, from which, improvements and evaluations can be achieved with confidence and reliability.   The Result? Your business can continue productivity in other areas, still knowing your data is being automated to fit within your use case.

Lower Costs

For many businesses reluctant to integrate IoT, questions arise in the cost of deploying solutions. Will this be successful? Will I see value?  I already have an effective business model in place. The beauty of IoT lies within its ability to produce endless capabilities and advancements within specific use cases. Implementation of an IoT solution into large-scale and small-scale businesses can lower costs in:

  • Maintence Cost: Data can be monitored to troubleshoot and avoid application downtime
  • Large scale Tasks: Automated data saves time and generate greater ROI in the long-term
  • Energy: Smart Thermostats and Temperature control ensuring energy expenditure is reduced
  • Security: M2M engagement can track Wi-Fi Privacy
  • Inventory Mangement


Inventory Control and Tracking

Does your business operate within an industrial environment? IoT does not just optimise digitsied platforms, companies have received value in deploying IoT in sensor tracking solutions of non-powered assets from EAMS and CMMS systems . In an increasingly globalised world, where assets are imported and exported from large-scale warehouses every minuet, inventory management is essential to business supply chains. IoT facilitates automated tracking deployment in real-time, that is specified and itemised, allowing insights into product groups, lost items and item arrival.

Effective Remote Working

The Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly pushed out the importance of IoT remote solutions within business infrastructures. It is estimated 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. We have seen the importance of IoT remote working for a wealth of key industries recently:

  • For the manufacturing industries the integration of IoT as a remote platform allows the monitoring of machine performance to be conducted and troubleshooted in an automated fashion.
  • For the healthcare industries remote patient monitoring has enabled doctors to review and implement diagnosis more efficiently- with hopes of advancement toward remote patient doctor-care

Remote learning is a IoT solution that will undoubtably attract more attention and interest Post- Covid and into the new year as companies evaluate performance within our current situation


Boost Efficiency and Productivity

In the fast-paced world we live in, companies need to be productive and efficient in keeping up with a constantly fluctuating market.  Keeping a business model connected in all areas on the value chain facilitates opportunities for companies to focus efforts in areas.  The revenue of deploying IoT systems is on the increase, expected to accelerate 20% by next year.  Especially, within the current climate we face ourselves within IoT is more important than ever to minimise threats to business ecosystems.

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