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How Can We Improve Cybersecurity?

How Can We Improve Cybersecurity?

The IoT Security Foundation kicked-off last week, delivering insights from some of the brightest minds in Cybersecurity.  We witnessed the progressions and hindrance in the Cyberspace from the thought-leaders themselves.

Essentially, we have come to know the problem of IoT security has still not gone away, and will not go away as we continue to innovate unless we implement the needed actions to take a consistent approach in combating security vulnerabilities.

This awareness coincides with recent events this week whereby FireEye, one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the US was hacked, having confidential network tools stolen. These tools were known to test the defenses of governmental, federal, and global corporate customers.

Such events shadow the IoT Security Foundation conference stress to the Cyberspace community that security is complex and to start truly combating it we need to be more consistent.

So, where do we go from here?


Security First


CEO and Co-Founder of IoT Security Foundation John Moore highlighted the fundamental strategy within Cybersecurity- Security First.

There are overarching solutions to minimise the risk of device vulnerability and exposure. It is clear as we have become more knowledgeable and advanced in IoT and technology deployment, hackers and criminals have become just as advanced in their behavior.

Especially, with new IoT devices and systems coming out on the market at a faster and faster rate, we need to ensure that these businesses are aware of security vulnerabilities.

We can no longer just add security on the top layer of deployment, we need to integrate security throughout the entire development pipeline.

Action is a key player in ensuring a safer cyber environment for us all, we need to invest more time to make security consumable, lower cost, and start evolving the way we talk about security.

For a device to be considered smart it must be secure, and this security starts at the bottom level.


Consistency and Regulation


In the famous words of keynote speaker Stephen Pattison, Vice President of Arm, IoT is a ‘Team Sport’, where security is complex it is not just about encryption, the only way we can address this is to regulate, inform and act as a community.

We need to develop a consistent and simple regulatory strategy.

Implementing a standardised and specific regulatory framework across the ecosystem can enhance industry best practices, defeat smart hackers, and guide new players.

Harmonisation of the Industry will require all players from all parts of the landscape. Pattison noted this strategy as ‘think global, act local’ to achieve the best IoT security framework.




It is no question we need to ensure the access, awareness, and involvement of all players within the Cyberspace.

Additionally, certifying a consistent curriculum within the education system to spread awareness of Cybersecurity will enable scope towards evolving data protection measures.

To discuss further insights into the Cybersecurity space and how your business can implement security throughout the pipeline please contact me at