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Cyberspace And Technology Leading UK £16.5BN Military Spending Boost

Cyberspace and Technology Leading UK £16.5BN Military Spending Boost

The government has pledged a £16.5bn Military spending boost, the biggest defense investment since the end of the Cold War.  Cyberspace and intelligent technology are leading the defense advancements to protect UK national security, with the introduction of the new National Cyber Force (NCF).

Cyber Attacks have increasingly played a significantly more frequent part in the attacking of government and citizen privacy.  Up to half of UK businesses (46%) and a quarter of Charities (26%) have reported a security breach in the past year.

This follows the global efforts of Cybersecurity teams to spread increased awareness in the advancements of hackers and criminals finding new strategic ways to access and exploit source code and data.

The nature of Cybercrimes is shifting, with a rise in phishing attacks, Malware, and social media breaches.  Predominately, intent on stealing personal information and accessing confidential sources.

The National Cyber Force is set to implement a state-of-the-art upgrade to the UK Defense cyberspace with leading, cutting-edge technology that will level operations to enhance preparation and pre-assess sources of these threats.

The government confirmed advancements will  ‘Pioneer new technology, [which will] level up and unite the country’.  For the IoT space, this extends the alignment of an increased awareness and focus on cybersecurity within Application infrastructures.

The commitment will allow the Government to invest in cutting-edge technology, positioning the UK as a global leader in domains such as cyber and space and addressing weaknesses in the defense arsenal that cannot be allowed to continue.

The government further stated, ‘The world relies on cyberspace more than ever so it’s vital we have the right tools in place to ensure the online world is prosperous and secure for all.’

Innovation to progress a new agency dedicated to Artificial Intelligence was also announced by the government this week to support the military defense advancements.  Additionally, a new ‘Space Command’, capable of launching the UK’s first rocket in 2022 will be unveiled further in the new year.

These announcements offer a further reminder of the importance of  Software, Application, and Online security for all ecosystems.

Cybersecurity remains crucial in the IoT ecosystem.  As a community welcoming open-source knowledge and contributions, we need to become progressively more vigilant and conscious of the prevalence of cyberattacks.  Government technology expenditure and evolution establishes a primary example of greater global Cybersecurity management.

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