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Candidates are the life blood to our business and the most important stake holders to Paratus.

Let’s be clear, without candidates we have no business. That’s why our candidates become our friends and flag carriers for the company.

We understand how it works and the general perception of how recruiters are perceived in the wider market, so we try hard to change opinions and know that the way in which we work is different to the norm, and we believe if you talk to us you will understand why.  Firstly, we are completely transparent and open, as it should be – no secrets, no games, just honesty and integrity.

We don’t just engage with you when we have a job, it’s much more than that. We get to know you, your goals, motives, wants and wishes from a core level and keep in touch with you, providing advice on career management. We focus mostly on working with Contractors and Interim professionals and have a core associate list of people who join our business to gain access to the myriad of opportunities we have across key European cities.

Furthermore, we offer concierge services, free advice on CV preparation and interview advice for those that have not interviewed in a while.

One of the things we are proud of is a ‘back to work’ scheme for those who have been out of employment through health or other reasons and have numerous clients that warmly welcome.  This is truly testament to the fact that we care, we are knowledgeable and we are not pushy sales people. Changing roles can sometimes be overwhelming and we are here to smooth that process and guide you each step along the way.  We know that any update is better than no update and you can rest assured your best interests are ours also.

Interviews can be stressful but they are the gateway to career progression. Our Talent Consultants will help talk through all the interview preparation required, but here are some of our top tips for carrying out the best interview that you can.

1.Preparation is key to interview success. You should research the company you are interviewing with as you will be able to answer questions in a relevant context.

2.If you are travelling to their offices, plan your journey so that you have adequate time and arrive around 10 mins before the interview is due to start. If you are having a skype or telephone interview, ensure you have a quiet space in which to take that call.

3.Think about insightful questions that you can ask. Employers will make a judgement on an applicant’s interest in the role by the types of questions they ask at the interview. This is an opportunity to show that you have done your research.

4.First impressions count, arrive on time, greet the interviewer politely and remember to smile. The interviewer may be as nervous as you, so building rapport quickly can help you both relax. Also remember to dress appropriately.

5.Remember that we communicate through body language. Poor body language or fiddling with a pen can distract from the interview. Try and maintain eye contact, sit straight and actively listen to the person asking the questions.

6.Sell yourself. We can often feel uncomfortable when talking about our achievements but an interview is your opportunity to sell yourself. Try to showcase your key achievements and read through your CV to remind yourself of all the positive contributions you have made to previous employers.

7.We also suggest asking the interviewer if they have any reservations at the end of the interview. If they do, it will give you the opportunity to talk through those and hopefully allay any concerns they have.

Our Talent Consultants are all trained in competency based interviewing so they will always be happy to run through anything prior to your interview. We are here to help you shine.

Getting a job is one battle we can help you with, but we’d like to go that little bit further and help you find your way in your new home.

Whether you are a Contractor or a Permanent member of staff with our clients, we offer a bespoke Relocation and Concierge service for everyone.

We will help source your accommodation, arrange flights and even recommend good restaurants and things to do in your new city!

This is all part of the package when working with us, we want you to feel part of our family and an extended member of the team.

The focus when you have achieved your new role should be preparing to change position so let us alleviate some of the pain and stress in everything else.