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Broadcast Technology Talent Services

Our founder Tom White has spent the past ten years working in Broadcast Technology before opening up the IoT world at Paratus.

We have a deep network in Video Delivery working with some of the world’s largest broadcasters, content providers and OEMs in the space.

To this day we are trusted to provide excellent interim and permanent staff to most of the household names in the industry.

Broadcast Technology

Specific technical knowledge based around:

  • Digital Media and Entertainment
  • Interactive TV Platform and Broadcasting
  • Pay-TV
  • Free to Air
  • Video & Media Technology (IPTV, STB, On-Demand, Linear, SVOD & OTT, Cloud-TV)
  • Android TV
  • Linux PVR/STB
  • Cloud DVR
  • Multicast-ABR
  • Cryptography – CAS/CAM
  • RDK, RDK-B