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AI – The Future Is Now!

Artificial intelligence; perhaps it’s a sign of how fast the times are moving, but the majority of us see AI as being something so incredibly futuristic, beyond our level of understanding, that it’s nowhere near the levels of science fiction…

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How Can We Improve Cybersecurity?

The IoT Security Foundation kicked-off last week, delivering insights from some of the brightest minds in Cybersecurity.  We witnessed the progressions and hindrance in the Cyberspace from the thought-leaders themselves. Essentially, we have come to know the problem of IoT…

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RDK: A Consistently Evolving Community

Technology advancements have moved IoT closer to the daily user experience.  For Video and Broadband operators, customer demand is pushing the evolution of bespoke user experience to the forefront of deployments. Exceptionally, this year RDK community has seen groundbreaking advancements…

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